Bernard Pietraga – Contemporary Painter

Bernard Pietraga Contemporary Art Painter, Modern Art

Contemporary painter, graphic designer & software engineer. Born in Warsaw, Poland. From the very beginning, fascinated by a mathematical form in art.

Where to find artworks?

You can find and buy artworks through auctions listed on Pragaleria, Xanadu Gallery, POPART, News page and Gallery 104 NY store, Saatchi Art or direct contact via email.


At an early age, to develop his interests, he undertook private graphic lessons among Polish architects. He graduated from APS Warsaw. And began selling his contemporary art all around the globe.

Finalist of Global Art Awards 2018 – Painting Category.

Bernard Pietraga works can be found in Gallery 104 Broadway, NY and in a lot of arts private collections. His works can be found also in France, Netherlands, Poland, etc.

He worked as a graphic designer, quickly dealing with designing graphics for innovative clothing. The need for service, however, directed him to the pedagogical studies at the APS in Warsaw, where he developed his artistic skills by designing original plans for art classes for primary school students. By completing his studies for the developed achievements along with his BA thesis he obtained the highest possible note with honors. He used this time in his life to searching for his artistic language.

After graduating, he finished his work as a graphic designer and began developing his mathematical interests, which resulted in undertaking work in the field of designing algorithms used to manage complex infrastructures such as Dutch Railway Lines. With full commitment, the painting appeared just in this period.

Thanks to the active search for new inspirations, his works have become clearer. A determined work towards finding a perfect form and some kind of roughness resulted in creativity that contains mathematical connotations. The developed ability to combine seemingly distant surfaces resulted in an original and distinctive artistic effect. a sense of three-dimensionality.

The multifaceted interests significantly influence the work of Bernard Pietraga. The artist uses different colored paints in a conscious manner, his movements are an expression of the planned composition layout, presented on canvas. From the very beginning he was fascinated by the mathematical form in art. In his paintings he creates an algorithmic world of matter / material, which is inspired by his daily practice of digital programming. Contemporary paintings of the artist are based on transcendental characters, situated in worlds that, like the Platonic “Allegory of the Cave”, represent the reality we live in.
His mood-creating colors make the abstract colorism take on a contemplative, transcendent dimension.

He sees the act of creation as a need to express the surrounding everyday life in an abstract way. Unification of the present is one of the most frequently undertaken topics by the artist. In his practice he plays with geometric figures to create a new reality full of light and depth. As a result, his painting becomes a three-dimensional image.

Determined, consistent work on finding the perfect form and a kind of roughness has resulted in a creativity that contains mathematical connotations. Developed ability to combine seemingly distant spaces, influenced the expressive artistic effect.

From the beginning, the painter has remained faithful to the traditional painting matter of the painting itself, giving it new life.