One of my works from new series SILENCE will be auctioned online and exhibited during Xanadu 45 Young Art Auction, item number 24.

Silence is more than just a lack of movement, though, and in fact, it’s a reflection of a deeper state. The calm in the moment. This painting is dedicated to a certain person that has helped me with the most in the past few years, and will always have my respect.

YICCA 2020 – International Contest Of Contemporary Art

I’ve decided to take part in YICCA 2020, which is renown contest of contemporary art. Work which will be judged is “Tell Her” – YICCA Page

“Tell Her” – Selected work

Tell Her Bernard Pietraga work, Black background with red & green & yellow colored monuments painting, Modern Art, Contemporary art painting

This painting is one of my bigger format works of 2019. It is about love and color in life in a box reality. The contrasts and rough edges of the monuments touch the heart in transcendent world.

Online Gallery

The work is still available for sale on my official page of Online Gallery.

36 Young Art Auction – Pragaleria – Sea

Sea – Painting from 2020 will be auctioned off and sold off by Pragaleria during 36 Young Art Auction. The work number 39. It can be seen in the Pragaleria exhibition. The Sea is about 80 cm x 80 cm. One of my favorite works is from this year. Link to direct online auction.